Monitoring & IT Systems Contracting


We have the right combination of technical and business experts to guide you through the conditional analysis. Whether you have everything in a blur vision or a thread, we can gather, identify and analyse them to compile the right documentation. This documentation can be provided as an RFP or Technical Analysis Briefing. We receive feedback from our clients that according to the analysis study we provided, they are able to find out the right vendor and solutions as per their business objects and processes.


Our professional team ensures that we offer the best design for ELV/IT solutions to meet our customer’s requirements with the latest technology, high quality, reliability & cost-effectiveness. We customize solutions for the specific environments to provide high-value technology services.


Planning is essential to drive a project into expectations. Emecon has a highly skilled team for planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve desired goals and to serve our clients with the accurate solutions at the right time. Project Managers approach relevant projects with a lean, sequential, progressive, and phased approach. They handle both internal and external project scheduling, budgeting, and coordination using a wide  range of software and PM applications. Our project managers are certified in relevant domains of expertise to be more confident at work and more competitive in the market.


Emecon has a great professional experience in implementing various solutions for all sectors like Governments, Industries, Commercial buildings, Educational institutions etc. Qualified and experienced engineers are effectively placed to ensure best practices within the time period and maintain the aesthetics of the building.


Emecon  specializes in creating an integrated system that includes designing, building a customized application, integration with the new or existing system. With professional expertise in network planning integration and implementation, we provide proven network operating and management systems and a host of customer oriented services.


Regular preventive maintenance of hardware and software prevents sudden malfunctions and costly repairs. Keeping the equipment in the best condition is important to ensure the efficiency and the regulations with the law.


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